Research projects

  • FlowCurve: Optimising mechanical joining of multi-materials

    Selecting, simulating and optimising mechanical joining in a multi-material context set high requirements in relation to current material tests. Currently, no guidelines are available with regard to material characterisation for the support of the design of mechanical joining to achieve hybrid components. One of the objectives of this project is to standardise this. Which material tests must be performed for the characterisation of mechanical joining of dissimilar materials will be determined? An investigation will be performed within this context regarding how existing testing methods must be changed based on the new requirements.

    Start: 01-03-2018
    End: 29-02-2020
  • MECHJOIN: Mechanical Joining of Materials with Limited Ductility

    The focus in this research is on the application of two of the most important conventional cold joining techniques (clinching and self-piercing riveting) for new emerging lightweight materials. 

    Start: 01-01-2015
    End: 31-12-2016