Research projects

  • Acoustic emission as a quality monitoring tool for automated fusion welding and cladding processes

    A new research project will be started up to demonstrate the feasibility of acoustic emission quality control using systems forĀ inline, real time defect detection during welding.

    Start: 01-09-2021
    End: 01-09-2023
  • SOUNDWELD: Quality inspection using acoustic emission monitoring

    SOUNDWELD investigates a new promising real-time non-destructive examination technique for welding processes, based on acoustic emission during the weld cycle. The acoustic emission technique is based on the detection and conversion of high-frequency elastic waves into electrical signals. Acoustic emission monitoring (AEM) is currently being used for the surveillance of industrial processes or structures. In this project, the application of this technology is expanded towards welding processes.

    Start: 01-03-2018
    End: 01-09-2020