Welding coordination courses

The quality of welds needs to be guaranteed so that products meet their specified properties (strength, lifetime, corrosion resistance, etc.). The weld quality can largely be controlled by non-destructive testing, but the most important aspect in the entire production process is thoroughly trained personnel.

International Welding Engineer / Technologist / Specialist

A lot of European and international standards and European directives refer to EN ISO 14731, for example :

  • EN ISO 3834: Quality Requirements for Welding of metals
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Construction Product Directive (CPD)
  • EN1090: for manufacturing of steel and aluminium constructions
  • EN15085: for railway Applications
  • ISO 24394: for aerospace applications

Internationally recognised qualification / training

The Belgian welding Institute provides internationally recognised training  programmes, as defined in EN ISO 14731 (welding coordination, duties and responsibilities).

These courses are given in Dutch.