Call for Papers BIL|NIL Lassymposium 2021

BIL|NIL Lassymposium: November 17th & 18th 2021
Deadline submissions: June 18th 2021

Thematic sessions

Welding automation
  • Post-weld processing
  • Automated welding from 3D models
  • Welding robot/cobot: evolutions
  • Welding jigs
(Innovative) welding processes
  • 3D-printing
  • Evolutions in TIG, MIG/MAG, SAW welding
  • (Manual) laser welding, laser cladding
Corrosion| Failure analysis
  • Fractures, cracks and corrosion
  • in practice cases
  • Root causes and remedies
  • Prevention
  • Welding requirements and standards
  • Quality control within your welding company (ISO 3834, ...)
  • Combining different standard requirements (ASME, EN, DNV, ...) How do you go about this?
  • Standard development within the welding world
  • New standards or revisions of existing welding standards
  • Practical examples of standards implementation


Your proposal for a thematic presentation is to be received before June 18th 2021. Please send us a title and summary of maximum 200 words by email to  Mention the name and function of the person giving the presentation.
Presentations can be given in English.