Mission & objectives BWI

With focus on customer orientation and quality of the offered services, BWI wants as independent research institute to consolidate and further develop its specialised knowledge concerning all joining methods and related techniques.

BWI meets its objectives by:

  • providing specialised advice and recommendations for the metal processing industry concerning welding and joining of materials;
  • put corrosion expertise and infrastructure at the service of all companies involved, as well as offering specific corrosion testing for screening and prevention;
  • offering quality assessment of materials or connections by means of mechanical tests;
  • carrying out damage analyses, on the basis of visual examinations up to and including the necessary metallography, hardness measurements, micro-analyses and if necessary replica-investigations;
  • taking up its role as sectoral operator provided by N.B.N. (Office for standardisation), by organising and maintaining the standard antenna of welding technology and by officially representing Belgium in the commissions ISO/TC 44 and CEN/TC 121;
  • by organising trainings, symposia, conferences and workshops in the field of welding technology in the broad sense.